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Meeting notes from Boston Azure Project meeting

Jun 25, 2010 at 3:03 AM

These are the folks who expressed interest in the accompanying topics. The first person listed agreed to send a blast to the Discussions list by starting a new discussion topic for that feature set.

  1. Turn ASP.NET MVC into Web Role-based MVC: Jason H., Vishal, Chennen, Ted
  2. Move the images to blob: Joan, Senthil, Maura
  3. Content Management for Events: Vishal, Senthil, Jason S., Joan, Ted, Gladis
  4. Email Subscription/Blast management: George, Gladis, Raphael, Vishal
  5. Thumbnailize the images: Nazik, George, Joan
  6. Move membership database: Vishal, Nazik, Raphael
  7. Diagnostics: Chennen, Raphael, Maura, Nazik, Joan, Senthil
  8. Open Source License: Bill, Maura, Rich
  9. Role of Committers: Bill, (all)

If you need to be added to the CodePlex project, please let me know.

I am working on a speaker for ASP.NET MVC for the July meeting. The August meeting will be on Tuesday the 10th.