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Open Source License Selection

Jun 25, 2010 at 3:12 AM

If you write code that you contribute to the project, there are two perspectives to consider:

1. You do not lose any of YOUR rights to that code. You still own the code.

2. The project (and, by extension due to the project's license) will have non-exclusive perpetual rights to also use the code for any purpose.

This is just how open source works.

The license selected for this project is currently BSD. Why? First, GPL is less commercially friendly, so wished to choose one that was friendly for any project or use - open source or otherwise. Did not pick the Ms-Pl since it does not mix well with GPL. (So, even though *we* are not GPL, other uses of our stuff may be - and we may also want to use GPL code - so trying to be create an incompatible license mix for no good reason.) And then the ones left include Apache and BSD, which are effectively equivalent, so chose BSD somewhat arbitrarily over Apache.

If you have thoughts on a more appropriate license, please share your thoughts. Questions? Please ask.